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If you have an account here and you're using Gate's system, you can log in using PuTTY. If you're not a customer of Microsoft Corporation you are probably already computer-educated and already know a method to access a remote server, and of course an .exe file will not run on your computer.

This web server might well be on 24/7. I finally moved it to a Raspberry Pi, which I intend to leave on almost all the time.

I'm somewhat reluctant to open SSH accounts to random people since a feral boy managed to scare the feaces out of me with the Dirty Cow vulnerability. But I might, just tell me what your needs are.

I have a web server, NAS server, IRC server, SSH server and now also an e-mail server running on this Raspberry Pi. Test my new e-mail address:

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Click here to get instant access to my IRC server. When entering my IRC, use some common sense and pick a nickname by which I can identify you, duh! When you greet me as user_873 or something like that, I have no clue who is addressing me.

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Companies I boycott:

I don't boycott these companies, strictly speaking. The reality is that I simply don't use their products or services because they do not suit any of my needs. Often times an alternative, free, provider does the trick better than one of these companies. I don't need anything of what Microsoft sells in the market. This is not exactly a boycott. There are residual, free, services provided by Google Inc. that I use from time to time, while I'm looking for a better, free, alternative. Clearly I don't use: Gmail, Android, Picasa, Google translator, the Drive, storage, blog, shopping interface, the Youtube web site or the Google search engine as such. Think if you really need that Facebook account, that Windows 10, that Android system, etc., and act acordingly and responsibly.